Sifu Fowler has been teaching Kenpo Karate blended with Kali for over 30 years. His video series aren’t just demonstrations—they explain in detail what makes this martial art so effective. Whether a beginner or a seasoned martial artist, each video will help you maximize your power by blending proper body mechanics with flow and speed. They are everything you need for home study, testing and certification.


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This video moves you into Kenpo forms. It teaches you how to effectively move through Short I and Kicking Set. Short I apply torque and counter torque principles while in motion. Kicking Set strings together a series of 16 kicks and allows fluidity in a self-defense situation. There are also 17 more self-defense techniques teaching concepts and principles and how to apply them in wide variety of self-defense situations.

A Note on Five Swords

Five swords is an important technique in the system. The base technique teaches students how use there stances to push the hands into position. This is a major step in learning how to hit with the full force of the body multiple times, instead of one hit at a time, as in most of the Yellow Belt techniques.

A Note on Buckling Branch

Buckling Branch is a defense against a left kick. This technique begins to teach the student how to defend against a kick with a ninety degree angle against the leg—the angle of incidence, as opposed to the angle of deflection as in the Yellow Bely technique—Deflecting Hammer. In Buckling Branch the students are now stepping to a 45 degree angle. This puts the opponent in a position where he has no Braced Angle to strike from while putting the student in a braced angle to the target—a position of strength. All techniques are adding principles of motion to the students vocabulary. The ultimate goal being for the body to become intelligent enough to react on its own. this is where the Students need an advanced instructor to help develop this sensitivity—the body moving appropriately in all circumstances.

Forms and Sets

Kicking Set


Upper body: Punches, blocks, hand swords, palm and finger thrusts, hammer fists, elbows, whips and parries Lower body: Kicks, movement, stances.       next dvd...

Technique Attack
Triggered Salute A direct right hand push
Locking Horns A front headlock
Five Swords A right roundhouse punch
Scraping Hoof A full Nelson
Shielding Hammer A front hooking left punch
Striking Serpent's Head A front bear hug, arms free
Attacking Mace A front straight right punch
Checking the Storm A front right step thru overhead club attack
Aggressive Twins A front push
Advanced Orange Belt Requirements  
Grip of Death A left flank headlock with attacker's right arm
Buckling Branch Against a left front kick
Thrusting Salute Against a front right kick
Obscure Sword A right rear flank left hand shoulder push
Raining Claw A right front upper cut punch
Crashing Wings A rear bear hug your arms are free
Thrusting Prongs A front bear hug your arms are pinned