Sifu Fowler has been teaching Kenpo Karate blended with Kali for over 30 years. His video series aren’t just demonstrations—they explain in detail what makes this martial art so effective. Whether a beginner or a seasoned martial artist, each video will help you maximize your power by blending proper body mechanics with flow and speed. They are everything you need for home study, testing and certification.


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This is the second blue belt video teaching ten basic and ten advanced self-defense techniques.   

A Note on Flashing Mace

Flashing Mace adds another level of skill to the Kenpo student by adding an arm break on the first move. This idea can be incorporated in every technique against a punch. Flashing Mace also sets up multiple zones of hitting and of course zoning or sectoring up the circle to be ready for multiple attackers.         next dvd...



Technique Attack
Evading the Storm A front right overhead club attack
Thundering Hammer A straight right punch
Squeezing the Peach A rear bear hug your arms are pinned
Shield and Sword A front straight left punch
Sleeper A front straight step thru right punch
Begging Hands A front two-handed push
Thrusting Wedge A front two-handed high push
Flashing Wings A right straight thrust punch
Hugging Pendulum A right front side kick
Repeated Devastation A full Nelson
Defying the Storm A right roundhouse club attack
Raking Mace A front two hand lapel grab pulling in
Snaking Talon A front two-hand push
Shield and Mace A right front step thru punch
Wings of Silk A rear two-armed arm lock
Tripping Arrow A front bear hug your arms are free
Fallen Cross A rear two-handed choke
Returning the Storm A right roundhouse/ backhand club attacks
Crossed Twigs A rear two-handed wrist grab
Flashing Mace A straight right front punch
Fundamentals Upper body: Punches, blocks, hand swords, palm and finger thrusts, hammer fists, elbows, whips and parries Lower body: Kicks, movement, stances