Sifu Fowler has been teaching Kenpo Karate blended with Kali for over 30 years. His video series aren’t just demonstrations—they explain in detail what makes this martial art so effective. Whether a beginner or a seasoned martial artist, each video will help you maximize your power by blending proper body mechanics with flow and speed. They are everything you need for home study, testing and certification.


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This, the first of two green belt videos, introduces the last set of basics including stomp kicks, sweeps, and proper use of elbows as defensive rather then offensive tools. Short III strings together 13 techniques against various grab attacks that enhance marriage of gravity. Coordination Set simply creates synergy with punches and kicks.

Forms and Sets

Short Form III


Upper Body: Punches, blocks, palm heel parries, back knuckle, elbow strike, hand swords, claws, finger slices and whips.

Lower Body: Kicks, stances, stomps, sweeps, leaps and jumps

Advanced Forms and Sets

Coordination Set

Always review and revisit previous fundamentals

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