Sifu Fowler has been teaching Kenpo Karate blended with Kali for over 30 years. His video series aren’t just demonstrations—they explain in detail what makes this martial art so effective. Whether a beginner or a seasoned martial artist, each video will help you maximize your power by blending proper body mechanics with flow and speed. They are everything you need for home study, testing and certification.


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Long Form III adds to and advances Short III and works techniques on both sides. The new set of techniques include various club and grab defenses.

This video would entice only the most hard-core of Kenpo people so congratulations for making it this far.

Forms and Sets

Long Form III

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Technique Attack
Heavenly Ascent A two-handed straight arm front choke
Capturing the Storm A right front overhead club attack
Conquering Shield A left front stiff-arm lapel grab
Taming the Mace A right front step thru punch
Twirling Sacrifice A full Nelson
Cross of Death A front two hand cross choke
Securing the Storm A front right roundhouse club attack
Intercepting the Ram A front tackle
Kneel of Compulsion A flank step thru right punch
Clipping the Storm A right front thrusting club attack