Sifu Fowler has been teaching Kenpo Karate blended with Kali for over 30 years. His video series aren’t just demonstrations—they explain in detail what makes this martial art so effective. Whether a beginner or a seasoned martial artist, each video will help you maximize your power by blending proper body mechanics with flow and speed. They are everything you need for home study, testing and certification.


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Two-Man Set allows a martial artist to work with timing and control. This form is amazing to watch, but being able to complete the form properly is even more wonderful.

The technique list is only one away from that coveted Black Belt.

Forms and Sets

Two-Man Set

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Technique Attack
Leap of Death A right front straight punch
Protecting Fans A right and left punch with opponent's left leg forward
Destructive Fans A flank right punch with opponent's right leg forward
Unfurling Crane A right /left punch with opponent's right leg forward
Entwined Maces A right/left punch with opponent's left leg forward
Fatal Deviation A right/left punch
Twirling Hammer A left front step thru punch
Fatal Cross A front two hand attempted low grab or push
Deceptive Panther A right front low snap kick and a right roundhouse kick
Blinding Sacrifice A front two-hand grab or choke
Falling Falcon A right front right hand direct lapel grab