Rick Fowler's School in Irving, Texas

Punches, techniques, forms, staff, kali, or energy sensitivity can all be learned in private as well as group classes. If you want to push yourself to the limits and work harder, Rick Fowler's Kenpo staff is here to help you in your quest to excellence. We have the equipment and many years of experience in making you a better martial artist.

Teaching Martial Arts to Children - Junior Dragons Program

Children are still in the Tiger Stage of their lives so their classes differ from the adult curriculum. For example, some of their defense strikes are taught to be less impactful while still retaining their effectiveness i.e. a palm heel rather than a punch.

We are aware that children have not developed effective control of their emotions and so our classes stress self-discipline. Especially, how important it is to not impose their knowledge on others in a bullying fashion, and that honor is retained when you walk away rather than engage in a fight. As they mature the curriculum grows with them.

Interactive Video Training and Testing

Sifu Fowler's videos are designed to instruct not merely demonstrate Kenpo forms, basics and self-defense techniques. To enhance your home study and to be certified as you move up through the curriculum you can take advantage of our video feedback and testing. For information please email Sifu Fowler at : rf.kenpo@verizon.net or call him at the school : local - 972-753-0002 or toll-free at 800-356-8433.

Our Instructors

Sifu Rick Fowler

Sifu Rick Fowler

Sifu Fowler is a eighth degree black belt who has been teaching and evolving the Kenpo System for over 30 years. He is a second-generation Kenpoist under Sifu Huk Planus. While developing his skills in the Kenpo system he trained with Dan Insanto and Mike Knuaff to hone in on the fluidity of the Filipino martial arts. Sifu Fowler has dedicated himself to developing a system to fit every individual. Whether you are a child or an adult, you will become more confidant and you will able to defend yourself. Sifu Fowler's system teaches you how to defend yourself while standing, on the ground and also against a weapon.. more instructors...

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Rick Folwer's American Kenpo Karate

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4:30pm Jr. Dragons
5:30pm Little Dragons/Jr. Black
6:00pm Adults

12:00pm Adults

4:45pm Jr. Dragons - Beginners
5:30pm Jr. Dragons - Intermediate
6:15pm Jr. Dragons - Advanced
7:00pm Adults

5:30pm Little Dragons
6:00pm Jr. Dragons
7:00 - 8:00pm Adults

12:00pm Adults

5:30pm Beginners
6:15pm Junior Dragons (orange up)
7:00pm Adult Advanced

5:30pm All Juniors

9:00am Junior Dragons
9:45am Junior Sparring
10:30am Adult Sparring
11:30am Adults
*Schedule may vary. Call the school at 972-753-0002